Wednesday, 8 June 2016

I Just Installed New Car Window Tint

Sometimes my wife thinks that I love my car window tinting Austin more than her, and to be honest, that is a difficult question to answer. I do spend a lot more on my car than the wife, but then she does have her own job. I bought my Ford Mustang about four years ago, and I treat it like it was a child. If so much as a fly makes a mark on it, I have to clean the whole vehicle. In a way, I may have some kind of illness, as I do not even clean myself that much.

I am forever adding things, and upgrading, and last week I had to change the car window tint on the drivers doors, as the original were no longer in an acceptable condition for me. That job ended taking a lot longer than I thought, partly as my little lad kept asking me questions about everything that I was doing. It was good to see him trying to learn something rather than spending his time on a game console though. Now with the new window tint installed, the car looks like new again, and I can drive it around with pride.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Car Window Tinting Makes A Perfect Gift For Truck Lovers

Car window tinting isn't something I would have ever thought of as something you could give to someone as a gift, until I read about someone else doing it on a social media site. After reading, I gave it some thought and decided to look around locally for someone to do a car window tint on my son's beloved truck. check out Austin window tint.

This truck is his first vehicle ever, and he's been fixing it up for nearly two years, but never got around to tinting. I asked a few of his friends to make sure it's something he would like and they unanimously concurred. 

Once I found a local shop that offered car window tinting and checked that the cost would be affordable (which it really was), I took the truck over on the eve of my son's birthday while he was asleep.

Thus, when he woke up and got ready to leave for work, he discovered the surprise.  I was delighted at how much he loved the tinting! He also went on and on about how it can protect him from the sun's harmful rays, and if I'd known about that, I would have had the tinting done much sooner. I'm now looking at darkening the windows on all our family vehicles. It made a great gift for my son, but it's also a great gift for yourself, too.